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  • Lodges and Bloodlines

    Old Tribes as Lodges or Bloodlines

    Information compiled from the translation guide with some updates.

    [[Black Furies]]

    [[Bone Gnawers]]

    [[Children of Gaia]]


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  • Black Furies

    Black Furies


    A tribe of female werewolves the Black Furies have strong ties to Greece, and are said to have inspired legends of warrior women throughout history. Members of the tribe see themselves as …

  • Bone Gnawers

    Bone Gnawers

    Egalitarian werewolves who live among the underclass of humanity, Bone Gnawers make up the dregs of the Garou Nation. Though most werewolves look down on them, the tribe still manages to have the best …

  • Fianna


    The Fianna hail from Western Europe, though to other Garou they’re always “the Irish tribe” or “the Scottish tribe.” The tribe as a whole has a reputation for creativity and …

  • Glass Walkers

    Glass Walkers

    The ultimate urban predators, the Glass Walkers are werewolves who have adapted to life in the heart of the city. Progressing from being the Warders of Man and the Iron Riders, the Glass Walkers walk …

  • Red Talons

    Red Talons

    Fierce defenders of the wild places untouched by humans, the Red Talons believe that the forces of corruption loose in the world are a natural conclusion of humankind’s dominance. It’s humans …

  • Shadow Lords

    Shadow Lords

    The Shadow Lords extend the human concept of politics to werewolves. No tribe has such a strict hierarchy, or such a reputation for being self-centered backstabbers. But while other werewolves malign …

  • Uktena


    The Uktena are made up of Garou from dispossessed animistic peoples and cultures across the world. The tribe was originally one of three who flourished in North and Central America, though the people who make …

  • Wendigo


    Hailing from North America, the Wendigo are as proud as any Silver Fang and as bitter as any Red Talon. The tribe still believes that the coming of Europeans to the New World spread the Wyrm’s …